Our Slow judiciary system

Nirbhaya’s convicts were hanged, but the question arises whether the judiciary and the executive are so weak. It took 8 years to punish these poor people. What is the world’s largest constitution? A girl is raped every 15 minutes, there are about 27000 years, if counted, it will take more than 400 years to give such punishment.This justice did not happen for those who raised their voice in cases like rape or could not speak due to fear, if those poor people were punished as soon as possible, today Delhi is not called a rape capital.Have you ever heard that a court is open at night for a rape victim

But the court may open for Yakub Memon Political Drama Karnataka, Maharashtra Today, the court is open at night for the moon poor, it raises a big question on the judicial system. I appeal that the judiciary and the executive should change the law and together it is important that we all need to change our thinking towards girls.There is a girl who gives birth to all of us, you will look at that pain, how will you feel, you have a mother and a sister. Some people say that it is because of wearing small clothes that there is a problem in their eyesight, there is no thinking of short clothes. It is I believe that for this the government needs to take the sternest step, together we should not judge our girls by looking at clothes and body, their success and ability. Based on the need to see them Talk goes on for 2 days in Parliament. Media people ask for 2 days for their TRPs. After that, the same thing happens again. The way a blot started in our society, it needs to be removed. After all, what has happened to our society, sometimes Nirbhaya, sometimes Unnao gets punished with a doctor, it has become common, now nothing is going to happen by burning candles and mourning, for this, the strictest law needs to be brought.

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