Last chance for news channels to establish credibility.

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News television eventually broke out of the Hindu-Muslim mindset in the same way that news channels were competing to talk to doctors and biomedical researchers, as if a new world of public health and virology had been discovered, a few days later The news of Tablighi Jamaat broke and the same familiar faces and stories came back on TV. corona Jihad, Tablighi Pak sensational headlines and hashtags also return, Islamophobia is alive in this era of Corona, the alleged nationalist media in last years Indian Muslims have been shown to be violently non-believable anti-nationals, from terrorism in Kashmir to the declaration of some self-proclaimed Maulanas, every inconsistent action is taking the entire community into the dock, on some TV channels every evening An issue that explores sentiment on religious grounds, the Tablighi story fits perfectly into the plot, a stripped-down Maulana Kurta – a bearded youngster wearing pajamas, a nationwide network of foreign contacts and Corona positive Incompatible number.

The act of serious irresponsibility of a religious group once again saw Islam as a proof of fundamentalist religion above the law, nor did it emphasize how the MP like that Owaisi offered prayers Asked not to submit to and follow the lock don and forget it, then the holy Kaaba in Mecca has been closed to devotees, the Indian Muslim is being accused of a Corona career and some people are labeled a moron The country is paying 200 million Muslims, how will the propaganda against Muslims start after the Tabligi Jamaat case, instead of trying to describe politics, government officials and news channels and digital warriors kept on saying that because of Tabligi contacts How many people have come corona positive

Actually, corona was the time given by God when the media could extricate themselves from the cycle of fake news and misinformation, the virus has no religion, it is the weapon of death and disease which is Malabar Hill and Dharavi and Vasant Vihar And keeps a similar policy towards Nizamuddin, for the Indian TV media, the time from 2010 to 2019 will be remembered as a lost decade. In this period, news and noise took the place of news, many channels have brought news from the ground. Instead of diligent work, the entire business model has been transformed into a studio showroom. Credibility and continuous loss is on the way. The young population has already moved to online sites, TV news viewership has increased by 250% in the run-up to the lockdown. Therefore, media has the last chance to present fact and thought analysis instead of polarization agenda.

~Manish kumar

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